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How are virtual permits issued?

Residents and visitors use the same portal to register their vehicles
which means no data entry for your staff. Permit expiration for each
type (Resident/Visitor) is configurable.

Is it possible to charge visitors for parking?

Yes, custom configurations with variable visitor parking rates are
available for special events. Monthly free permits are also available.
We handle all the e-commerce and customer disputes for you and
a check shows up in your account at the first of the month!

How are parking spaces protected?

Parking is protected by unique pin codes issued to a resident when they
register their vehicle. When visitors arrive they register using the
resident's pin and the software verifies a match. Private Property patrols ensure
parking rules are enforced if you wish to use such a service.

How do people register their vehicles?

QR codes for the specific community are used so registrations are fast and easy.
Residents and visitors do all the data entry which removes any liability on the part of
the Property Manager.
Cell phones or any Internet capable device is acceptable for registrations.